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Enjoy better air distribution with an HVAC zoning system by Tappan.

Our Tappan zoning system offers ultimate energy-saving performance over the life of your heating and cooling system. Our high-quality systems divide your home into several different zones each controlled by their own unique thermostat. Each zone can be set to a specific temperature, allowing for customized home comfort. Plus, each thermostat measures the temperature of the specific zone and is able to communicate to the zoning system when an area reaches the set temperature. Then, the zoning system is able to block access to that particular zone allocating your heated or conditioned air to only those areas of your home that currently need it. This can save you money on your monthly utility bills!

Not sure if you need a zoning system in your home? Ask your local Tappan HVAC contractor for advice. They will be able to tell you whether your home is ideal for this energy-saving system setup.

Tappan Zoning System
Create 2 to 8 comfort zones in your home, each with its own temperature control.
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