Tappan HVAC

Tappan Tough Quality Pledge

Tappan Air Conditioners and Heaters Are Built Tough.

Tappan's reputation for tough, durable products was, in the beginning, cast in iron. In 1881, in Bellaire, Ohio, W. J. (Bill) Tappan sold his wood- and coal-burning stoves door-to-door from a horse-drawn wagon. But it wasn't until World Wars I and II, when Tappan supplied cooking equipment to the U.S. armed forces, that the name gained well-deserved national recognition.

The Tappan name has always stood for appliances that are durable and innovative. Tappan's introduction of the microwave in 1955 revolutionized cooking. Then, just five years later, pilot lights in furnaces and stoves became a thing of the past with Tappan's invention of electronic ignition.

Today, our line of heating and cooling equipment is still just as solidly built as our tank-tough stoves built for the military. Tappan's furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps are up-to-speed with the expectations of today's comfort-minded and energy-conscious consumer. Check more about the Tappan Tough Quality Pledge.

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