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iQ Drive®

Efficient and tough: Tappan iQ Drive® air conditioners, heat pumps and furnaces.

Durability and efficiency are synonymous with the Tappan line of iQ Drive® air conditioners, heat pumps and furnaces. Not only are you getting the confidence provided by the tough Tappan warranty and Quality pledge, but you are getting money-savings associated with a high-efficiency HVAC system. In 2006, we introduced the 25.5-SEER iQ Drive air conditioner - one of the most efficient air conditioners in the HVAC industry.

Tappan iQ Drive products were the first to utilize inverter-driven rotary technology in ducted central HVAC systems. This allows the system to infinitely vary the compressor and fan blower speeds and is the reason you can potentially save money on your utility bills. Your iQ Drive unit will only be using the right amount of energy at any given moment to heat or cool your home.

If you are aware of some of your home's specifications, you can select from the options to the left to narrow your iQ Drive product search. However, you can also contact your local Tappan contractor for expert advice and installation quotes.

Tappan Condensing Gas Furnace Tappan iQ Drive 20 SEER Air Conditioner Tappan iQ Drive Heat Pump
Our premier furnace. The most efficient, quietest gas furnace we offer.

efficiency in a very quiet air conditioning model.

Ultra-high efficiency in a very quiet heat pump.
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