Tappan offers two financing options: Comfort Plus™ and FTL Finance

Dealers who offer these financing options will be indicated on the dealer locator by the financing icon. Not all Tappan dealers offer one or both financing options. Make sure to ask your dealer about the options they offer. Note: Comfort Plus and FTL Finance are not available in Canada.

Comfort Plus Credit Card issued by Synchrony Bank

Tappan offers the Comfort Plus Credit Card for the purchase of new systems and installation. It’s a great time to take advantage of the Comfort Plus Credit Card program to purchase the system you want and maximize your indoor home comfort.

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HVAC consumer financing from FTL Finance

With FTL Finance, you get an HVAC installment loan on air conditioning, home heating and more. These loans have fixed interest rates and fixed terms. This means that you are able to have a consistent monthly payment and the length of your loan would stay the same, depending on the term you chose.

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Note: Comfort Plus is not available in Canada.
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