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Choose an efficient ecoLogic® HVAC system by Tappan.

Energy-efficient performance is important to homeowners. That is why Tappan takes so much pride in their premium efficiency heating and air conditioning equipment - designated by the ecoLogic® seal. Each ecoLogic unit must be highly-efficient and contain system benefits that contribute to overall indoor air quality and HVAC system satisfaction.

All ecoLogic units must be compatible with smart control boards that aid in temperature regulation and diagnosing problems that may arise with the system. In addition, they incorporate noise-reducing features that make sure your daily routine isn't interrupted by loud on/off cycles.

Selecting your next heating and air conditioning unit doesn't ave to be complicated. Simply look for the ecoLogic system that meets your home's specifications by using the filters to the left or talking to your local Tappan contractor.

Tappan Condensing Gas Furnace Tappan iQ Drive 20 SEER Air Conditioner Tappan Condensing Gas Furnace Tappan iQ Drive Heat Pump
Our premier furnace. The most efficient, quietest gas furnace we offer.

efficiency in a very quiet air conditioning model.

Exceptional energy efficiency, comfort and quiet with two-stage, variable-speed technology. Ultra-high efficiency in a very quiet heat pump.
Tappan Heat Pump Tappan iQ Drive Gas Pack Tappan iHybrid Gas Pack Dual Fuel Packaged Tappan Air Conditioner
Extra-high efficiency cooling and heating in a very quiet model.

efficiency. The quietest, most efficient gas pack Tappan offers.

Our premier
packaged system. Extra-high efficiency and two fuel sources for ultimate energy

Extra-high efficiency cooling in a very quiet model.
Tappan Package Air Conditioner Tappan Gas Pack Tappan Gas Pack

package air conditioner in a small footprint.

efficiency cooling and gas heat with two stages for maximum comfort.

This gas
pack reaches the highest level of heating efficiency in the HVAC industry.

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