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Heat Pumps

Tappan heat pumps will heat and cool homes in mild climates.

If you are looking to purchase a new HVAC system that provides exceptional heating and cooling power, a Tappan heat pump can meet all of your needs. Its versatility in mild climates is just one of the numerous benefits that can come with a Tappan heat pump purchase. In addition to the peak, energy-efficient performance that comes with Tappan’s selection of units with high SEER rankings, select or premium units also come with a 10-year long parts warranty. Meaning, not only do you get a great unit, but if something were to go wrong, your parts are covered.

Receive long-lasting peace of mind with our warranty and numerous factory checks. Tappan factory checks each unit 144 times to ensure that each unit reaches our high quality standards.

Narrow down your heat pump search by selecting from the filters to the left. Contact your local Tappan contractor for quotes.

Tappan iQ Drive Heat Pump Tappan Heat Pump Tappan Economical Heat Pump Tappan Packaged Heat Pump Heater
Ultra-high efficiency in a very quiet heat pump. Extra-high efficiency cooling and heating in a very quiet model. Extra-high efficiency cooling and heating. Extra-high efficiency packaged heat pump with two stages for superior home comfort.
Tappan iHybrid Gas Pack Dual Fuel Packaged Tappan Heat Pump Tappan Economical Heat Pump Tappan Packaged Heat Pump Heater

Our premier
packaged system. Extra-high efficiency and two fuel sources for ultimate energy

High-efficiency cooling and heating. High-efficiency cooling and heating. Single-packaged heat pump with reliable heating and cooling in a small footprint.
Tappan Packaged Heat Pump Heater
Reliable packaged heat pump in a large footprint.
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