Contractor Labor Warranty


Stay Ahead of Labor Costs by Purchasing a Contractorsí Preferred Protection Plan

Your heating and air conditioning system is the most costly appliance in your home. After installing a new system, you can expect increased performance and increased home comfort, but there is always the risk of needing to repair your system down the road.

Tappan systems come with a long parts warranty, but this does not include the labor costs of replacing a part. By securing a Contractorsí Preferred Protection Plan, you will be able to save money on the labor expenses that arenít covered by the parts warranty.


The Tappan parts warranty does not include labor costs. Due to high labor costs, you may be able to make up the money you pay for the Contractorsí Preferred Protection Plan after one service call.

Labor rates can average anywhere from $75 to $150 an hour in North America. This means that you will most likely make up for the cost of the labor protection plan with one service call.

To get more information about this plan, read the Contractorsí Preferred Protection Plan brochure on the Tappan website.

Contractors' Preferred Protection Plan Icon

Not all Tappan dealers will have the Contractorsí Preferred Protection Plan as an option. Dealers who do offer this labor protection plan will have the shield icon on the dealer locator. Make sure you always ask your contractor about your warranty options.

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